Thursday, January 19, 2017

                                    Poor old pooch. Sandy 2003 - 2017. 
      Rest in peace girl, you can fetch all the balls you want now.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

I have a date for the MRI scan for the week after next at 07.30! That's the a.m... Blimey, I must be the first patient that day unless they start at 7 or even 6 a.m! I am not complaining because I would be there at 6 just to make some progress on this problem. After some weeks of little sleep I took time off and I slept for two whole nights of ten hours each. Out like a light as I have spent several weeks where some days I wandered around in a zombie like state. However, pain relief when required, gentle exercises and relaxation is helping out at times. Enough about my health moaning, it is what it is and life goes on. The cool thing is that I might get copies of my MRI and can use it as an avi for social media!

A colleague who is an agency nurse and he was with the team for six months suggested I join an agency; do several months work and take the rest of the time off to relax. He pointed out the benefits:  better money, pay off mortgage early and variety of work. He also suggested working and living away for those several months so I get to see different parts of the UK. It is a tempting prospect albeit a mercenary approach but managers, once you get past their double speak and bullshit, look at the lowest common denominator which is money and number crunching. Perhaps a rethink and change in attitude is required for the next couple of years? We'll see...

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A visit to the dentist this morning for my six monthly check up and all is well. My regular dentist was on leave but another impossibly slim Catalan woman had a rummage around my wide open gob. She noted a couple of minor issues but they didn't warrant any interventions and I stated my preference for leaving well alone. She was slightly perplexed by the self removal of  the troublesome tooth and I apologised for not having it to hand for her to examine. No.1 son was somewhat freaked out by it and threw it away much to my annoyance.

I am pleased to have the day off after another sleepless night as I can quietly doze off in my armchair and catch up on much needed sleep. Roll on the MRI scan and hopefully appointments with the physiotherapist otherwise I may have to start sleeping in the armchair as that relieves the discomfort. The downside of that is waking up with two or three cats fast asleep on one!


Sunday, January 01, 2017

                                                       Happy New Year!

A bit late in the day but I made the mistake of burying my nose into research on one particular series of tanks ( Vickers E series which led to the Russian T26 and Polish 7TP tanks). Given that the heavens opened this morning and a damp grey day this afternoon, I opted for a quiet day in with lots of tea and finishing off the chocolates. Hence the hours flew by as I followed up leads, watched videos of old film and dipped into forums and blogs. I may have ordered two more models to add to the stash as I plan to make up a small collection of this particular series of tanks.
No new year resolutions other than enjoying life and avoiding the idiots. If I can do the latter at work I will count it a success!
Wishing you few readers who still pop in here a happy, healthy and fun filled 2017!


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Despite the necessary interruptions of work I am gradually making progress...

The smaller tank (Panzer 1 ausf.b) is a cheap kit I bought via ebay and cracked on with immediately forgetting how extended periods at the desk and exposure to glue is apt to leave me discombobulated.
It was a kit the seller had started and botched up, stopping after four pieces. So I made some scratch built repairs and I will gradually paint up and weather it. It is tiny with a two man crew hence the  size comparison to the motorcycle combo! I am thoroughly lost in my own world whilst working on these, using the iPad to research the information required for the tanks, paint schemes, unit identification and weathering effects. I haven't considered how to present the models and it's likely they will be stand alone pieces until my skills improve for dioramas.

For now it is a work in progress as I view my other kits and salivate over potential future projects up for sale on ebay. My particular interest is early WW2 armour and armoured vehicles from the twenties and thirties. That's the geek coming out in me now.
As I slept very little last night and the little I had was of poor quality I was up at stupid o'clock today. To pass the time I read some blogs and a beer blog which was new to me led me to this...

I had never heard of them until today but I am making up for it now. Lullabys to send me to sleep...


Monday, December 26, 2016

Twas the day after Christmas and not a soul was stirring to disturb the peace until...

Yes, that blasted N*xt sale where middle-aged women / men in search of the elixir of youth enhancing clothing descend to spend their credit card and buy 'bargains'. Door slamming, shouting and running around like lemmings in tap shoes and generally disturbing the peace. Have you not spent enough? Are you not aware that overpriced tat made by the ruined fingers and eye sight of small children in Bangladesh is not essential to boost your self-esteem? Stay in bed, chill, drink a coffee or read a book, fuck the attractive neighbour whom you've lusted after for the past two years or walk the dog. But please do get off the materialistic treadmill and rediscover the joy of a life lived to the full.
I have to admit that this time round Christmas  was a very quiet one for us and I am heartily glad it is over. I watched the PBS channel on TV last night about the history of the early Christians and it made me reflect on matters spiritual and likewise the dissemination of the early church and its message. I wondered how they celebrated Christmas back then as the festival, whenever it was, clashed and competed with other beliefs such as Saturnalia, Mithras, Yule, etc...  What appeals to me is how, despite the authorities attempts to sanction correct forms of celebration, the ordinary people wanted a brief respite from the hard toil of their all too often short lives and feasted, drank to excess, fornicated and generally misbehaved during this time. Perhaps I am being the curmudgeon here and should not criticise those who want to shop but I can't help but think it is a needless activity. Eat, drink, fornicate and misbehave and so uphold the old traditions is preferable to queuing for more over priced tat and missing out on life.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Shopping for the feastival is done. Well, it was completed two days ago as we bought food in for the Christmas meal. That's all that is required because the shops are, by and large, open the rest of the time. We gawped at the trolleys piled high with supplies for a three week siege, with alcohol, turkeys and chocolate in abundance. Our modest trolley wheeled to the check out and then into the shopping trolley and a bag which we walked home as the cars queued around the block. Madness I tell thee...

I haven't been blogging much because of the discomfort in my left arm which is exacerbated by typing on the computer. After two weeks of poor and interrupted sleep I took two days off work and slept for hours. I must have needed it but because my arm is feeling so uncomfortable (pins and needles, shooting pains, numbness and feeling hot) I have difficulty getting off to sleep and find I am sleeping in. Not good for getting to work on time!

That's enough about health and back to the joys of the season. I donated money to charity instead of sending cards; bought presents for nearest and dearest and sent cards to the latter as well. A Christmas Carol is on this evening which I will enjoy watching for the umpteenth time. I am also listening to Christmas carols on the internet, some medieval and many from Tudor times. All getting me in the spirit of things. Drink aplenty is in including some excellent Belgian beers and Port and we are having beef for the main meal. No.1 son is having vegan pies and Mrs C is making vegan Yorkshire puds and gravy for us all. So a family meal after all. The cats and dog will inevitably be treated plus the inevitable scraps. I am looking forward to it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and joy, happiness and a celebration of whatever moves and delights you this Christ Mass / Saturnalia / Good Yule. Light, warmth, good food and drink and excellent company. Enjoy!